Talking about the importance of website development

on the Internet are mixed should know. The whole China is the hottest happy net, fine points point should be happy net 001 (Kaixin001), because of happy net game mode with social style, love deeply Chinese, gradually appeared second happy net ( In the latter’s strong venture capital driven, all over the Internet advertising, there is no way people have money. Happy net begins in March today, the user increases suddenly, every day is talking about happy net. At that time I just started to do the station, the first station is happy nets, in my predecessors under the guidance of, I slowly began my SEO career.

after more than half a month. After the big Baidu update, I stood up. Small lazy happy net (everyone can see), watching the daily flow increasing every day, I was very happy. I don’t know the quietness before the storm. Because of the space of renting other people, the amount of website traffic increases every day, and the registration is increasing. Only 10 days later, the site couldn’t hold up. Anyone who knows the procedures for UCHOME in Connecticut knows it’s very resource intensive, and the average server simply doesn’t work. I didn’t know that my station was too heavy, affecting the normal operation of the server and complaining about the space junk. Now think about their own garbage ah, so after several sites moving, data loss and other issues, my site originally Baidu included more than 80 thousand articles, in a night by Baidu K finished, leaving only the home page. I thought, this should be finished, the lower part of Baidu’s action must be to drop the right. Sure enough, second days after I bought the server, Baidu dropped right and threw me in 8 pages, 10 pages. No remedy can ever come back. There is no way only to change a domain name to do, and comfort is our small lazy supporters or a lot, the site is now basically is to rely on the old user support me.

here to recommend you webmaster, no matter what site. Only if you have a bigger chance, you must think about the direction of the website development. Without experience, you can find someone familiar with you to give your opinion. Or come to our A5 here. A website has planned the direction to develop, is better than you to make one hundred websites. In addition, the importance of the server is also very important, a web site stability or not many factors. A stable server is fundamental to web development. Therefore, the choice of server or shared server is good, we must choose to have authority to ensure quality. Don’t be petty,