June Chongqing property market to teach you how to rent a satisfactory house

summer heat, but also indicates that this year’s graduation season is coming. A lot of students at this time will embark on the community, then outside of you, how to rent a satisfactory house? Chongqing property market for your weapon.

upcoming June, is the graduation season for college students, then, Chongqing (real estate) property market will usher in the rental season". College graduates are leaving school, more and more people begin to rent a house. After graduation, the first rent which need to pay attention to it? This is a small book on the practical raiders.

primary consideration is convenient transportation

consider travel convenience and reduce rental costs, the industry suggested that graduates can choose to find a suitable housing near the bus station area. This can effectively avoid the transfer brought about by the cost of transportation, usually go to work, travel is more convenient, the process of saving time cost is also very objective.

home appliance furniture to complete

graduates rental house in addition to the selection of the surrounding environment, traffic, floor height, age and other hardware facilities, indoor furniture and home appliances such as "software" should also be included in the scope. Whether a variety of household appliances, such as refrigerators, television, air conditioning, washing machines, water heaters and other household appliances.

also an important reference in the House seat, sofa, bed and other necessary furniture is complete is housing, compared with the electrical appliances furniture is not complete in the house, so the house rent will be higher than 200 yuan to 300 yuan, but no need to bother with this kind of furniture, the price is more reasonable, but also eliminates a lot of trouble.

verify the identity of the landlord

must check the landlord’s identity before signing the contract. So, how to check the identity of the landlord, first of all, the landlord asked to provide housing permits?. Secondly, renters can ask the landlord to provide my ID card, to get the landlord ID card, to check whether the name is consistent with the name of the owner of the real estate license.

finally, to confirm the identity of the landlord, but also carefully check the contents of the rental contract, do not understand clearly do not understand the place to ask the owner, we must safeguard their rights and interests.

see rental contract and then sign

do not worry when signing the contract, see the content and then sign, we must safeguard their rights and interests.

1, the situation of both parties

The name and address of the lessor and lessee shall be stated in the

contract. Recommended