Entrepreneurship shop 10 rules from success is not far away

now, the catering industry has a great development space, and vigorously promote the spirit of these years, many entrepreneurs want to own a restaurant, but with the increasing competition in the catering industry, want to open a restaurant is easier said than done. Barcelona catering focus on Western brands to create a few years, has accumulated a wealth of experience in food and beverage planning management, and today we share with you in the operation of the restaurant may encounter difficulties and challenges.

1. operators need hands-on


2. establish sound rules and regulations, manage your employees

3. for different products, do market research

now the consumer is not so good deceive, they are very clear about what they want. In simple terms, don’t sell products that you can’t handle, customers can’t accept. Also, be aware of the importance of the product’s taste. You have to spend enough time in the kitchen to study every recipe carefully. Today, a lot of novice entry will always fall into a misunderstanding. They think that as long as the decoration is good enough, the style is tall enough to attract more customers. If you really think so, the failure is not far away from you.

4. is really hard to deal with suppliers

5. daily must adhere to the on-site inspector

6. you don’t have a lot of free time to do what you want to do

because you must be working in the restaurant every day, your free time to compression. This means that you no longer sometimes recommend