Peking University genius to sell ten billion billionaires

has two university graduates engaged in pig industry, however, the fate of the two to two road. A dog was assigned to the record room after years of work, the other is the pork business bigger and stronger, to become a listed company CEOs, net worth billions. Why are two people so different?

roots for many years in the field of agriculture, Chen Sheng has said that many entrepreneurs disdain to engage in agriculture, agriculture is the synonym of identification. In fact, it is one of the most promising markets. Chen was early to say a joke, the future may be the richest man in China "pork guy", now it seems, at least in the new board on the list, the goal is not far away.

The two time after the listing of

along the Guangdong market, mainly in Jiangxi, Hubei, Anhui, Guangxi Province, the world number one year ago has sent 50 teams to the province of market development. Chen Sheng said that the current situation is expected to expand beyond the provinces, Guangxi and Jiangxi two provinces have completed the market growth of 50%, the Guangxi market has begun to make money.

is different from many traditional enterprises in the face of confusion on the development of the Internet, the Internet development trend of Chen Sheng see clearly: "development path of Internet giant has good planning, first obtain the network enterprise, and commercial enterprises, and finally industrial enterprises and agricultural upstream, and other channels are unimpeded, it to start selling their own products. It’s like going to a place to buy a road, buy a car on the road, and buy a car on the road."

"the Internet to subvert the industry too, before the traditional industry has spent billions, hundreds of thousands of people who have hired build channels, perhaps suddenly gone." Chen Sheng admitted that the existing Internet development trend so that they feel threatened.