How to finance the nternet App venture

the rapid development of the Internet, has brought a lot of opportunities to get rich. The most common also brings convenience to people’s lives and is known to all kinds of takeaway APP. We say that the Internet brings more possibilities for more simple way of business cost of small business, but when you start to set up a team to the development and operation of the App, it is no longer a low cost so simple, you need more money.

when you have a product ready to go online, you need to have enough money and someone who can help you get ahead. This help group often includes senior Angel / seed investors and vcs. To make sure they don’t leave you, you need to do your homework. You need to explain your ideas to the people first and hope they can help you push the project and your own development. It is similar to finding a job that you can invest in – you want to work for yourself, and you want to achieve a career self – fulfillment that can help you do it.

so, how do you get ready? First, ask yourself if you’re ready to talk to investors. It’s lucky to get a chance to talk, but you usually have only one chance, and the other person is a person who can support you. Try to ask yourself: can you prove the validity of your ideas in a short time? Can you effectively capture users and achieve profitability? If the answer to these questions is yes, you need to design a ten page, clear PPT, to illustrate how you will implement the idea, and its scale. If you don’t know what should be included in the presentation, try searching for the demo file, or refer to the video about your competitors.

next, you need to collect the right investors. Note that you need to match the list to those who have invested in the field, because they understand the amount of potential in this area. If you need a $200 thousand seed investment, don’t look for growth funds, it will only waste your time. You need to repeat the list of investors, if you want to know more information, you can try on the two platforms Crunchbase and AngelList.

in determining the target investor, you’d better find someone to help introduce. If you can get a chance to talk with the investment through personal or business, please grasp. Referrals tend to make your financing process smoother. Following this line of thought, you can try to hire a person with a great deal of connections to serve as a corporate consultant, or ask him to help you with a small number of options. Please note, however, that you must carefully identify and select the".

if you don’t have people like that, it takes a little more effort to prepare