Ning Yu fast food

small entrepreneurs into the food and beverage industry, what project? Fast food? Bento? Snack? These can. The project is just a choice, just the way you choose. Right and wrong as long as you can be optimistic about the road to go down, I believe that in the end you are successful. Xiao Bian here to introduce a snack food brand – ning Yu lunch box

Ning Yu lunch to join in the construction and management of the chain system, the company adhere to the "integrity management, win-win cooperation; join to make money, we can make money" business philosophy, to our city, to lay a solid foundation for the national franchise business process as the goal, adhere to the "fair trade, delicious and inexpensive" as the guiding ideology. The integration of modern fast food management mode and management idea, establish the Chinese fast food industry raw materials procurement, production, logistics equipment, food processing and cooking staff restaurant operation standardization system, the delicious food and fast service and comfortable environment, establish a new image for Chinese fast food, become one of consumer choice meal.

how to join Ning Yu fast food restaurant franchise

Ning Yu fast food franchise conditions:

1, a strong sense of professionalism, the development of higher and more stringent requirements, keen on the industry;

2, able to agree with the brand’s business model and business ideas;

3, 100% of the implementation of the brand to join the norms and standards;

4, has a certain market share in the local market, but also want to enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises, to occupy a larger market;

5, brand management of regional market;

6, franchisees must have an independent store or business premises in the regional market;

7, there is a certain amount of capital investment and a certain degree of risk bearing capacity;

8, independent investors, have a certain operating experience can apply for membership.

join support

1) to provide a full set of store management manual, to solve the practical problems of restaurant operations.

2 headquarters to send professional support to the store to ensure that the shop opened smoothly.

3) re training core positions, grassroots staff in-depth and meticulous management of the scene to lead the situational training, strengthen the practical ability of the team.