Ten commandments to help you easily start

want to make a success in the entrepreneurial market, relying solely on luck is impossible. In the process of entrepreneurship in the following ten, can be successful in getting rich, further away from wealth.

1. always want to pursue innovation or out of the ordinary, often the user can not accept and refuse to buy, the market also spend time cost, but also to the competitors fall so hard not to be second chance, to be the leader, unknown is not known, since the profits are high risk.

2. do not have a big mouth, let the good enterprise was killed by rumors.

3. do a wind rain, January policy change, often say things will settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, such that a failure.

4. remember profits, before doing things must remember the profits, calculate the input-output ratio, to see if it should not do.

5. must form an industrial chain, the money to other people earn. Although with their ability to form a monopoly in fact, remember not to form a monopoly.

6. blindly pursuit of market share, sales, reputation, production, first, often forget that we want to profit.

7. don’t believe what the king, collect customer feedback and industry report is the most effective.

8. must ensure that the team of three generations, so that there is a steady development, and sustained vitality. In play now sit Jiangshan, old generation, young generation for the future preparation.

9. products to form a sense of hierarchy, the new for the future, in order to make money now, the old price.

10. is the price war winner has three features: one is anti consumption ability; two price for the products, the introduction of new products to open up the situation; three price for the purpose, and complete to consolidate the position after the price measures, not to let others take over and over or into the virtual. The cost did not return gally, light.

can do and the monks in the temple with you to get rich the sacred rules of the religious order, path is half success. Xiaobian believe that Kung Fu people do not take pains, you can find their own rich channels, and finally see the dawn of wealth.


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