Zhejiang has the advantages of entrepreneurial environment

for the majority of entrepreneurs, a good entrepreneurial environment is particularly important in the whole society at the same time, now the country in order to promote people’s entrepreneurial activities in the whole society, have created a series of business opportunities and create a business environment.

2014, Zhejiang governor Li Qiang in the "World Internet Conference has said publicly that the government of Zhejiang to be a good gardener, to create a more suitable climate, provide more fertile soil, gathering more better seeds, to unleash the passion to entrepreneurship and innovation, he believes" the birth of the future of Zhejiang must have a little Ma Yun".


a analysts believe that Zhejiang has poineering upsurge, behind is a significant environmental advantage, entrepreneurial idol Alibaba driving effect is obvious, "Zhejiang" entrepreneurial force also play an important role, and private capital is relatively active, idol, capital and talent and other factors together, so that entrepreneurs enjoy the unique environment of dividend. Looking for partners, looking for projects, looking for investment, are relatively easy."


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