Want to enjoy luxury yachts do not miss the Xiamen RV yacht Carnival

in our daily life, for the residents along the river, often see the yacht is not a strange thing, but for the inland friends, many people may not have done a yacht yet! The afternoon of November 4th, the first 2016 Chinese Xiamen yacht RV Carnival "will be officially launched in the cloud car camp. The carnival for a period of 9 days, will launch the theme of RV camping, yacht sailing experience activities in the 15. By then, members of the public can travel with the car and the yacht intimate contact, experience the fashion lifestyle brought about by RV yacht.

organized by the Xiamen RV Camping Association launched RV camping tour series of activities will be in the cloud holiday camps, RV Park, Les Howell RV camping is RV Camping Park, you degree fun camping base, Olympic blue painted this holiday camp five Xiamen RV camping base held. During the event, tourists can visit experience different style campsites can also participate in the camp launched garden Zen tea, jungle CS, bonfire and other activities.

at the same time, by the Xiamen Yacht Association organized the yacht experience activities will be carried out in different locations in the Wuyuan Bay Marina, Xiangshan yacht wharf, Huangcuo beach etc.. Members of the public can participate in the activities of Hayne, Jie Peng, poly Marquis yacht company launched yacht sailing experience. Not only can boating and sailing close watch 70 foot luxury yacht, 50 foot sailing etc. different types of imports, but also by luxury yachts, sailing, fishing boats, motor boats, sailing feeling of passion.

It is reported that

, the RV yacht Carnival activities jointly organized by the Xiamen RV Camping Association and the Xiamen Yacht Industry Association, Xiamen Asia Pacific Tourism Development Center, Xiamen self driving Tourism Association, Xiamen City, Xiamen City, recreational fishing association sailing yacht Sports Association, Xiamen Press International Travel Service Co. To advocate a new life car yacht low-carbon, healthy, green fashion, highlighting the status of Xiamen as a tourist center in Haixi Economic and cultural exchanges in the city, to promote the transformation of Xiamen tourism products to the tourism, leisure, vacation and leisure tourism, promote the development of yacht touring car, the car became the Xiamen fashion tour yacht tourism new name card.

would like to enjoy luxury yachts, do not miss the Xiamen RV yacht carnival, November 4th is about to start, do not miss the time! At the same time, the Xiamen press international travel agencies will also be combined with many famous tourism enterprises, around the "global + tourism" concept, planning a series of tourism products to "RV, camping, yacht" as the theme, rich people of Xiamen and Xiamen travel tourist experience.

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