What are the commonly used promotions in dry cleaners

speaking of promotion, we are not unfamiliar, after all, now in our lives everywhere can see a variety of promotional activities. We often see the supermarket promotions, can not help but get out of pocket, in order to catch up with promotional activities, where the opportunity to miss it? As an investment dry cleaning shop owners, how should we be doing laundry promotional activities full of sound and colour, how do promotion is good?

competition in all industries are very intense, want to get market share, is bound to carry out various forms of promotion. Laundry industry is no exception. So what are the sales promotion of dry cleaners, the following is the introduction of small series, the dry cleaning market in several commonly used promotional methods.

1, dry cleaners can make billboards

the type of advertising investment is small, quick, high probability of exposure to target customers. Dry cleaners can make billboards placed in front of the shop. This can attract passers-by, increase consumers.

2, dry cleaners can often distribute leaflets

is the most common and effective way to use the staff to distribute leaflets.

3, dry cleaning shop can carry out the test activity

is a basic way of brand marketing, especially in the early days of the opening or opening of laundry, you can quickly establish a brand image. Specific methods include ex gratia, try to wash, free, and so on, such as the first day of the store to customers free of charge.

4, dry cleaning shop can give gifts

Xiaobian recommend you gift also targeted, not unconditional offer, for the pursuit of sensationalism is not worth it. Gift not only to build brand awareness, but also to consider the promotion of brand reputation, with their own brand image closely linked.

5, dry cleaners can develop community service

targeted for individual groups outside the promotion, which can expand the scope of business, improve visibility. At the same time, sales can also be turned into interactive sales, expand the scope of business, increase turnover. For example, the dry cleaners can enter the District, office buildings, hotels and other places for business development.

promotion way is used properly, can have a very big help to the store management. So, if you want to make the dry cleaners business has a better operation, we also need to take the promotion of the way, so that the business will get a good shop development. So, if you run a dry cleaner, do you know how to take the promotion?