Must know the four free online shop inventory

Now the

network business has become very common, although in the online shop has a very broad market prospect, but there are also some social risks, for some novice entrepreneurs who, in the online shop all need to pay attention to what?

"four free shop"


avoid temper drag


with confidence, you have to act like a bottle of stone ah ~ sitting. And you have to move fast, in the other people do not have your baby, you have to step ahead of others released. This is not business opportunities. So there is an idea or action, do not drag.. Do not do anything, but also expect to fall off the pie?

lazy and jealous

have hair baby idea? Hey。。。 Some people may think that online photo size limit (many people is using digital camera, then it is possible to go beyond the prescribed size ~), but also separately write commodity data a bit, and then write the (many novice will not connect a picture in the store, oh) is to shed blood the! So, you can not lazy Oh, hurry up and put all of your beloved baby have come up, so that more people can search to pull.


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