Learn to make Hefei a better place to live a happier life

is the so-called: "live and learn" in our daily life, learning is a never-ending thing, if a city to develop good study habits, for the development of the city is also very good. As a national civilized city, the first batch of learning alliance, the city only a pilot city of scientific and technological innovation, in recent years, Hefei to build the Great Lakes City, innovation highlands "as the goal, the economy began to soar, more and more big city.

"open-minded, realistic and innovative", this is a new era of Hefei city spirit, also represents the development of Hefei’s core idea, attract every Hefei people constantly learning, self-improvement, innovation, and the city with the resonance frequency. No matter where you come from? In Hefei, we are from Hefei.

to promote lifelong education, building a learning society, has become a consensus in Hefei. Today, Internet plus community education has covered the city of Hefei, built from the municipal community college, to the county level community college to the township streets, community learning center, community education at four level network community, village, neighborhood level community school based learning group, various and of all kinds blossom everywhere, further development continuing education for enterprise employees.

is precisely this kind of good study atmosphere, Hefei has also become the 2017 national lifelong learning activities Week national opening ceremony of the host, let us look forward to another "learning" event.

Hefei has stepped up the construction of the Yangtze River Delta world-class city group vice center of the new journey, the need to promote lifelong learning, and continuously enhance the competitiveness of development. Horn sounded, the future, Hefei will continue to promote the overall development of the development of community education in urban and rural areas, establish and perfect the system of lifelong education, lifelong education, deepening reform, perfecting lifelong education incentive policies, give full play to community action.

Hefei as the capital city of Anhui, in the process of economic development in the province, plays an important role, but to continuously enhance the city’s competitiveness, increase the development between the city is very necessary. We will vigorously develop the education for the aged, carry out the continuing education of the employees of the enterprises in the industry, and strive to form a learning society for everyone to learn, to be able to learn and to learn from time to time. Let us walk into a new era of universal learning.

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