Retailers need empathy to understand customers

why some customers so difficult to deal with? Why are some customers always so picky? If retailers are not able to stand in the customer’s point of view, it will never understand, perhaps after a long run naturally easy to lose customers. I’ve been in the supermarket for 20 years. My supermarket is located on the side of the five hospitals. It should be said that the location is excellent, especially because of excellent medical hospital doctor, a doctor came to hospitalized patients a lot, there are many patients or their families will be my guest.

I consider these special customers, the mood is not very stable, the heart is not very happy. I often use the way of empathy to treat them, to meet them, because some patients suffering from pain and suffering, but also to spend money, so the heart must not be very straightforward. When they come to the store to buy things, I can discount as much as possible, to take care of as much as possible to take care of.

, for example, often provides them with boiled water, a chair, or an appropriate amount of daily necessities. Sometimes some patients also like to complain in the shop, temper, I always tell myself that they are patients, can not be like them. Put yourself in their shoes. Perhaps in the store is not satisfactory temper is normal, but also will not be here for a long time? Is it necessary to argue with them? Completely unnecessary.

sometimes see some years old, the young, the body collapsed, I will take the initiative to take the initiative to find Wenhanwennuan, they sit stool, to tea. It is precisely because of their own empathy, won their understanding. After some patients cured home, also pleased to tell others the little song. So they help propaganda, the business is getting better.

review: now a lot of the owner of the self, very easy to do business with customers, so that the business can be a long time? In fact, more and more retail customers empathy, in order to be able to install the customer, to all customers, anxious customers anxious, worry about customer care, will try to meet customer demand.