How to join Zhang Apo dragon Gong surface

China GDP mainly look at investment, consumption and exports, which consume a large share of the market economy, and has been showing an increasing trend. With the development of the era of consumption in the face of a new wave of flop, on the basis of the original innovation has become the inevitable path of many consumer. Zhang Apo long Xu Gong surface as a new characteristic snack noodle shop franchise brand, it is in this set up in the background.

as a franchise brand, Zhang lady dragon Gong surface has great advantages in many aspects, quickly attracted investors favor. In just a few months time on the development of dozens of stores.

The following

to the specific analysis of the dragon lady Zhang Gong several advantages:

first, as a product, of course, to mention Zhang lady’s flagship product Longxugou Gong surface. Dragon Gong surface as Jiangxi specialty, using high-quality tea oil, refined flour, potato powder, salt and other raw materials, handmade, delicate taste, cooking is not easy to digest, paste. Adhere to the traditional Handmade, such as fine silver, smooth texture, delicate, not sticky, do not paste, flavors. Now we can eat enough, health culture is also rapidly spread in the civil society. The main Zhang Apo dragon Gong surface health, in the consumer favorite.

secondly, this product carries a heavy historical and cultural heritage. "Dragon Gong" was founded in the late Ming Dynasty, has a history of nearly 400 years. In early 2010, dragon Gong surface has been officially included in the list of intangible cultural heritage. Legend has it that under the Emperor Qianlong, he went to a small shop to eat noodles. After tasting, the smooth, delicate taste immediately let the emperor Qian Long greatly. Then, the surface will be selected as the palace food, because of its sleek white noodles as fine as asparagus, therefore also has the name of "Longxugou Gong surface". This is also the only one of the intangible cultural heritage noodle restaurant.

third, Zhang Apo dragon Gong surface characteristics noodle has the advantages of less investment, high margin, several decisive advantage cost recovery quickly. Since the surface belongs to fast food consumption, it does not need much pavement costs, thus reducing the fixed costs of investors. Due to the adoption of large-scale production, raw materials and other items through large-scale procurement with the cost to achieve the minimum. Coupled with small shops, labor costs, energy costs are also greatly reduced investment. At the same time, the company in the process, will provide a complete core technology training, greatly reducing the time cost of investors. In the shop, the company also provides a sound marketing and other promotional services, reducing the cost of marketing of investors.

in medium and small investment to join the Zhang Apo dragon Gong surface absolute is the ideal choice.