How to manage the curtain shop

curtain is a kind of indispensable decorations we Home Furnishing decoration, consumers from color to style curtains have a new requirement to open a curtain of stores to get the industry’s wealth is not an easy thing, so, how to manage curtain stores?

curtains selection of franchise stores. Even if the same kind of fabric, color variety. Select the choice of color, the form of design has a great impact. The main color of the curtains should be in accordance with the main color phase modulation. Complementary color or near color are allowed, but the contrast of changes in temperature is a taboo. The modern design can choose plain coloured curtain; elegant design can choose the curtain of shallow grain; pastoral style can choose the curtain of minor lines; and luxurious design can choose plain or large floral curtains.

The design style of

window join. And these styles are closely related to the interior design style. Therefore, the choice of curtains, design style is the first requirement. In other words, the curtain of all factors, the first is to match the style of the interior. At this point, entrepreneurs need to consult more interior designers, in order to adapt to the design of the curtain and interior design style. Functional needs. From the functional requirements described in the design style, you need to choose the thickness of the curtains. Generally speaking, there are two methods: the use of a thick cloth; a thick cloth, while doing a layer of gauze curtain. As to what kind of plan, it is necessary to consider the actual situation, such as some design style does not allow the existence of gauze curtains.

curtains selection of cloth store. There are many options for the use of curtains, light, thin, transparent or translucent fabrics, such as cotton, polyester cotton blended fabric, glass yarn, fine mesh fabric, lace and Barry yarn, etc.. Medium thickness of opaque material, such as tissue cotton, nylon and blended fabric, poor mesh cloth; smooth fabric, such as cotton chintz polished cotton, antique satin, silk and taffeta etc..

is more than the opening of the curtains need to pay attention to some of the items, hoping to join the business to provide some help and support. Open a profitable curtain stores, operators must grasp the small details of the operation, to be able to attract the attention of consumers at the same time, bring more wealth to your store.