Latex mattress which brand is good

now because of the economy and science and technology as a support, if people are willing to enjoy, there will naturally be a lot of ways, in which the high quality of sleep is naturally a lot of people attach importance to a. When we say that the world is changing too fast, should we slow down and enjoy life. There are many ways to enjoy life, but many people ignore the most important thing. For many people, sleep is just to get the body to rest, not to overwork. But in fact, a good sleep allows the body not only to rest, but also enjoy. There are many factors that determine sleep. One of the most important factors we can control is a good mattress.

classification of a wide range of mattresses, the most basic spring mattress, coconut palm mattress, latex mattresses. Relatively rare such as water mattresses, inflatable mattresses, magnetic mattresses, etc.. These mattresses branded the imprint of the times, remember more than a decade ago, spring mattress almost household. Today, latex mattresses are the mainstream. So, latex mattress which brand is good?

latex mattress which brand is good? TOP.1:Sweetnight mattress

sweetnight is a Sino German joint venture, from Malaysia imported latex, build furniture brand focus Chinese pilot, in improving the Oriental sleep depth highlighting the affinity of sweetnight, so as to arouse the attention of consumers and emotional resonance. Sweetnight has been to the new concept of "innovation" healthy sleep for the purpose of scientific theory and human engineering, medicine, mechanics, using a unique ultra thick material bed European design, rigorous, excellent workmanship, and combined with the mattress body curve perfectly, relieve fatigue, restore physical strength. Improve sleep quality.

latex mattress which brand is good? TOP.2: Sui Bao mattress

1971, China’s first spring mattress in the birth of the Sui bao. So far, the company’s main products Sui Bao brand spring soft mattress has been sold in China for more than forty years, a total of more than 10 million direct users, by the majority of consumers love and trust. Mattress brand is the leader.

latex mattress which brand is good? TOP.3: Xilinmen mattress

is the Xilinmen mattress industry leader, has always been committed to the health of human sleep "for the mission, focus on design, development, production and sales of high-quality furniture as the core of the mattress. The main products of the company are mattresses, soft beds and ancillary products, owns "Xilinmen" and "Fashiman", "SLEEMON" and "Aibei" four big brands. The company’s core products mattress annual production capacity of 1 million, become the world’s leading bedding manufacturing enterprises.