We know some of the entrepreneurial scam

even business, inevitably some omissions in entrepreneurial business can not be avoided, some people love drill loophole, set some traps, so eager to jump, so we should always be careful.

1, if we do not meet the transaction, in the choice of suppliers, as far as possible to choose the Alibaba member.

2, member four in one site in the company, the integrity of files is a reference, but also look to the members of the "member evaluation", and look at the other members of his evaluation.


3, each view supply information details page, please login, click on the "view of the enterprise credit record". Any member of this forum will be displayed on the evaluation of the enterprise.

4, see the other side of the contact must be carefully. Usually regular businesses will stay landline phone. And if there is a company web page, you can view the company’s Web site to determine the strength of the company, etc..

5, lower than the market for many products, such as computer, digital products, in send money before you must be careful, can go to the forum with the company name search users related articles.

6, the seller and the buyer can not meet the buyer, if there are doubts in payment, worry about money sent, and merchants refused to delivery. Then you can negotiate with the merchant, to see if you can find a safe freight company, and commissioned by the freight collection. Cash on delivery, we are assured.

7, if you can not achieve the cash on delivery, then the transaction in advance is necessary for some of the details of the terms of the communication and confirmation. For example, if the goods are damaged or defective, how to solve them?. Because it is impossible to sign a written agreement, it is best to keep a telephone recording or chat records as evidence of future disputes.

9, if you cheated, how the Alibaba to complain? First of all don’t want such a thing to happen, if it happens, can go to the integrity of the forum to make a complaint, stating what happened, any evidence and transaction related services, staff will contact each other for a reasonable explanation on the matter. If the other party fails to explain reasonably, it may