The details are very important

The name of the

hotel is good or not attractive, it will affect people’s impression, the name of the hotel will be more attractive to attract more customers. Although there are a lot of hotel names, but looking for a good name for their hotel, it also requires the hotel managers need to know how to get the name of the hotel and the skills and principles. So how to get the hotel name? Here is a good name for you to share the hotel Daquan:

1, the name of the flavor

2, named

3, named

to a city, county or district street named after the restaurant is not rare. The advantage is to highlight the region, understand the location and location of the restaurant, dining easier to find. For example, Zhengyang restaurant, in general should be around Qianmen Street, again Dianmen eateries, Xinjiekou hotels that will be around Tiananmen Square and Xinjiekou area. But it should remind customers, in Beijing because of duplicate names are more special circumstances should also think twice, for example: "the river in three Roasted Duck shop", the Beijing River in three places, there are at least two, one is Zhushikou East, known as the Chongwen area of the East River in three, a way street west of the community, called the Xicheng District of the West River in three, two dozen kilometers away. Binhe Road and Shuncheng Street in the capital is also not just a past, the city gates (nine in seven) are called the riverside road and Shuncheng street.