How to reduce the cost of land use in Hefei

in the process of rapid economic development, many local enterprises have been vigorously developed. But there are also some enterprises in the face of increased costs, enterprises in the business of the road above the emergence of a difficult problem, it is difficult to carry out sustained and effective development. In view of such a situation, how to reduce the cost of land in Hefei? Hefei issued the opinions on cost reduction to reduce the real economy burden of enterprises, from the system of trade, finance, labor, tax burden, can reduce the cost of enterprise in six aspects, logistics, to reduce the burden on enterprises.

yesterday, the reporter learned from the Provincial Committee, the Department issued "several opinions on reducing the cost of land for service enterprises to accelerate the development of enterprises" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), to further implement the enterprises to reduce the cost of land.

in accordance with the views of our province will be encouraged to increase the flexibility of the new industrial land lease or lease. To encourage the country to implement flexible land transfer period combined with industrial type and industry life cycle, the initial transfer period less than 50 years, the initial transfer period after the expiry of the project operations and the transfer contract to assess the situation, as the case of renewal or withdrawal of land use right.

encourages new industrial land to be leased. The supply of land for long-term lease, according to the type of industry and production cycle to determine the various types of land unit and land lease, guide enterprises to intensive land use; get to auction the land lease, the lease term expires in accordance with the terms of the agreement can be sold; to rent so that the supply of industrial land. The land use rights can be transferred, leased and mortgage. The lease term shall not exceed 20 years if the lease is used to supply the land.

at the same time, allowing part of the industrial projects for land. For the area of land demand is relatively large or phased construction of industrial projects, in accordance with the "planning, staging for" requirements, reserved for the development of land. The government and the enterprise sign the agreement for the installment, the definite stage construction progress and so on, reduces the enterprise early stage investment cost. In addition, will be appropriate to lower the bid margin.

in accordance with the relevant planning, the use of existing housing and land, the establishment of cultural creativity, scientific research, health care, housing rental, industrial tourism, public record space, modern service industry, "Internet plus" and other new formats, can continue to implement according to the original purpose and type of land use right of land transition policy. The transition period for 5 years. After the expiry of the transitional period, according to the new use of land use procedures and in accordance with the allocation of land directory, can be allocated for land.

I will encourage the enterprises to upgrade the existing industrial land to improve land utilization, without changes in land use, urban planning, to meet the environmental requirements of industrial projects, by expanding production rooms, adding layers of plant, plant transformation, land utilization and increase the volume increase with internal recommendation land consolidation and utilization of underground space