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C. then-FBI Director James Comey, It is the Duluth Police Department’s expectation that officers will make tactically sound, Since his hiring in 2008, not show them how to look up stuff on Google.m. when his parents were asleep to play video games A study showed teens spending an average ofnine hours a day on entertainment media Clement and Miles estimated based on several studies that about 75 percent of high school students walk the halls with cellphones in their hands rather than in pockets or pursesCiting much research they concluded "the new digital world is a toxic environment for the developing minds of young people Rather than making digital natives superlearners it has stunted their mental growth"Social studies teachers they reported are being encouraged to move "to DBQs or document-based questions which are simply research papers where the teacher has done all the research for the students" Clement and Miles stick with real research papers after students learn about different types of evidence and plan investigative strategies Yet their students often become frustrated when devices don’t lead them to a useful source right awayWhat can teachers and parents do When Clement and Miles complained to ed-tech supporters they were told they didn’t understand the subtle wonders of new learning Sensible parents keep screen time within reason at home But with superintendents and school boards so drawn to tech what can those parents do about trends that have gone so far in class The authors suggested asking questions at PTA meetingsWhen administrators say "We have to prepare our kids for the future" Clement and Miles said ask them exactly how the latest devices help students learn to think focus and build community Ask if school officials have any research showing the advantages of using screens for instruction They may have data on an increase in engagement but that is not the same thing as learning Playing a video game all day shows engagement the authors said but that is not evidence of increased academic achievementThis suggested question was my favorite: "May I opt my child out of screen-based instructional activities"Most Washington DC-area school districts told me that they do not have a policy on this Irene Cromer spokeswomanfor Prince William County Public Schools cited a complex regulation covering challenges of non-textbook learning materials but said any request would lead the principal and teacher to "try to resolve the parent’s concerns" Fairfax County officials told Clement that his children could opt out of bringing a computer home but still had to do work posted online Asking the questions the authors said helps those with concerns understand the situation before they try to mobilize other parents to loosen the ed-tech gripI am not sure that will work but it’s worth a try In some instances such as acceleration and remediation online programs have a place if well designed But so far they appear to be a poor substitute for good teachers in classrooms000 of the costs.

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