Zhejiang launched the first entrepreneurial charity micro film technology innovation and Entrepreneu

in order to carry out innovation and entrepreneurship, stimulate people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm, a variety of promotional activities are being carried out, I believe that after the choice of entrepreneurs will be more and more.

3 in early April, Zhejiang province science and Technology Information Institute of science and technology in Zhejiang launched its first venture public micro film "meet the town", become after newspapers, television, mobile phone, WeChat app and new technology promotion tools.

in the popular tide of entrepreneurial innovation peoples in Zhejiang characteristic town into a double hit frontier, a large number of entrepreneurs with a dream and the creative feature of the town came to Zhejiang venture. "Meet the town" is made in such a prospect.

by technology of micro film shooting means creating the story, "double", by creating publicity guests praise. The general plan, President Yuan Jixin of Zhejiang Province Information Research Institute said in the science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province under the support of the technology of micro film, shot in 15 minutes to hit off the first story, "double" propaganda, the purpose is to let more people in Zhejiang entrepreneurial innovation.


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