Audi rear end collision hit the driver Audi too expensive to hit

it’s important for drivers to identify other vehicle signs and prices. Recently, a truck near the rear end Audi instant change hit, hit the next Citroen, according to the truck driver said, Audi is too expensive not only hit, quickly hit hit Citroen.

11 at noon, reporters rushed to the scene, saw a cement tanker and a blue van parked on the roadside, two cars were damaged to varying degrees, not far from the trailer, have a black Citroen sedan, the car before and after the destruction, the airport high-speed cleaning staff are working with the sand to clean up the scene. It is understood that at 8 o’clock, black Citroen and cement tank car collision accident, after the incident, the two division on Citroen staff have been rushed to hospital, two vehicle accident at the scene.

the driver said, was meant to hit the front of the Audi car, but he made a temporary change, the driver said: Audi can not afford to hit your car ah.

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