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The research was published online in the journal Human terrorists," By: PTI | Washington | Published: September 11, they ended up eating an average of 170 more calories in the “open” than in the “closed” floor plan kitchen.“These results have important implications for designers of and consumers in residential kitchens; college workplace and school cafeterias and dining areas; and buffet-style restaurants” she said “Open-concept plans put kitchens on display which is great for entertaining but not necessarily for our waistlines “Serving food out of sight from diners in an open kitchen serving food from a counter in a closed kitchen rather than from a dining table and creating open kitchens that have the ability to be enclosed may help US adults maintain their weight” Rollings said She said the study findings have important implications not only for college and university students but also for people who need to eat in health care group home and military settings The study was published in the journal Environment and Behaviour For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsThe Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has said counting machines are "not being used" for tallying the total number of demonetised notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 in any of its offices according to an RTI reply The central bank also refused to give the total number of personnel deployed for counting of the scrapped notes saying compiling the information would "disproportionately divert" its resources In its annual report for 2016-17 released on 30 August the RBI had said Rs 1528 lakh crore or 99 per cent of the demonetised 500 and 1000 rupee notes have returned to the banking system Reuters The central bank in the annual report which was for the year ended 30 June 2017 said that only Rs 16050 crore out of the Rs 1544 lakh crore in the old high denomination notes have not returned As on 8 November 2016 when the note ban was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi there were 17165 crore pieces of Rs 500 and 6858 crore pieces of Rs 1000 notes in circulation totalling Rs 1544 lakh crore it had said "Counting machines are not being used for the purpose in any offices of Reserve Bank of India" the RBI said in the RTI reply dated 10 August The central bank also said no counting machines were taken on lease to reconcile the total figure of the junked notes It was asked to give details about machines being used for counting the Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes The central bank also denied sharing information on the total number of personnel deployed for counting of the old notes "Compiling the information would disproportionately divert the resources the information sought cannot be furnished as per Section 7 (9) of RTI Act 2005" the RBI said in its reply to the RTI query filed by a PTI correspondent The Section says that information shall ordinarily be provided in the form in which it is sought unless it would disproportionately divert the resources of the public authority or would be detrimental to the safety or preservation of the record in question To a query seeking the dates of beginning of the counting of the demonetised notes it said "the processing of notes is a continuous activity" The RBI did not give any specific reply when asked about the last date of counting of the demonetised notes "Subject to future corrections based on verification process when completed the estimated value of specified bank notes received as on June 30 2017 is Rs 1528 trillion" the central bank had said in its annual report While the counterfeit currency notes made up for a minuscule number the RBI post-demonetisation spent Rs 7965 crore on printing new Rs 500 and Rs 2000 and other denomination notes more than double the Rs 3421 crore spent in the previous year it said Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had said demonetisation which had slowed down economic activity and put common man at much inconvenience was aimed at flushing out black money eliminating fake currency striking at the root of terror financing converting non-formal economy into formal one to expand tax base and employment and giving a big boost to digitisation of payments to make India a less-cash economy In his reaction to the RBI report ex-finance minister P Chidambaram had wondered whether demonetisation was "a scheme designed to convert black money into white" "RBI gained Rs 16000 crore but lost Rs 21000 crore in printing new notes The economists deserve Nobel Prize "Rs 16000 cr out of demonetised notes of Rs 1544000 cr did not come back to RBI That is 1% Shame on RBI which recommended demonetisation" Chidambaram had said in a series of tweets Senior Congress leader M Veerapa Moily’s statement taking on his own party the Indian National Congress for showing a "defeatist" mindset on Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) is indicative of the deep divide that exists in the main opposition party’s ranks on the issue It also shows the kind of anxiety that is there among a section of its leaders over the party leadership’s rent-a-cause attitude irrespective of the veracity of the issue its degree of popular support and potential pitfalls The shrillness with which the 16 political parties including Congress Samajwadi Party (SP) Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) All India Trinamool Congress (TMC) Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) Aam Aadmi Party and the Left parties are alleging EVM tampering essentially suggests they have not reconciledto the defeat in recent rounds of Assembly and local bodies elections Finding fault at the EVM which have been delivering credible and fast results for over 35 years is an easy alibi to take the attention away from the concerned parties leadership failure to win public trust and votes Unfortunately the likes of Rahul Gandhi Mayawati Akhilesh Yadav Arvind Kejriwal Mamata Banerjee D Raja Sharad Pawar Sharad Yadav and Lalu Prasad Yadav have chosen to fight a flimsy fictitious battle against trustworthy voting machines when they should have been fighting a political battle against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on policies and issues through varied programmes Opposition parties have alleged that the BJP has been tampering with EVMs to win elections PTI It should be noted that Rahul Gandhi has not held a single review meeting with his party leaders after Congress’s rout in UP and Uttrakhand The UP election results have thrown a situation where Mayawati would not remain a Member of Parliament (MP) in Rajya Sabha after March 2013 With zero seats in Lok Sabha staring at a zero in Rajya Sabha in times to come and with negligible numbers in the UP assembly Mayawati like Congress is facing an existential crisis It is anybody’s guess why Mayawati came out with EVM tinkering theory even as the results were still coming out Anyone who had covered UP elections with open eyes could sense a wave-like situation for BJP The Congress party is even unmindful of the fact that it was Rajeev Gandhi government with its brute majority in Parliament in 1988 that had amended Representation of the People Act and inserted a new section 61A to empower the Election Commission of India to use voting machines Since the year 2000 EVMs have been successfully used in 107 Assembly elections and three Parliamentary elections Elections of all kinds — Parliamentary Assembly Presidential and local bodies (rural and urban included) in the country — are held by ECI and by the election commissions of respective states All officials central and state engaged for poll-related works function during election period under the strict supervision of ECI By alleging that BJP has been tinkering with EVMs election after election at whim in whichever part of the country it so wishes is actually a charge against the ECI a Constitutional Body which is recognised across the world as the finest impartial institution India has created to hold free and fair elections The sixteen political parties have not only latched on to Mayawati’s accusations on EVMs recording most votes to BJP in the recently concluded UP Assembly election but they stretched it to all recent municipal and panchayat elections in the recent past The ECI has given a detailed point-by-point rebuttal to charges made by these parties The poll panel also clarified that there are multi-layered check processes where representatives of political parties participate in testing and sealing of the EVM machines from the point it is released from the factory to polling stations The parties candidates and their representatives have multiple occasions to point out a malfunction if they find one The EC has also clarified in Bhind and Dholpur incidents Those raising a hell against the ECI the Modi government and BJP on flimsy claims of EVM tinkering should spare some minutes to read various judicial pronouncements Since 2001 the matter has been settled by five high courts — Madras High Court in 2001 Delhi High Court in 2004 Karnataka High Court in 2004 Kerala High Court in 2002 and Bombay High Court (Nagpur Bench) in 2004 The verdicts of the high courts concluded that EVMs are credible reliable and totally tamperproof In some of these cases even the Supreme Court dismissed appeals filed by some petitioners against the high court orders it’s worth noting what the Karnataka High Court had to say on the matter: "This invention is undoubtedly a great achievement in electronic and the computer technology and a national pride" The Madras High Court observed: "There is also no question of introducing any virus or bugs for the reason that the EVMs cannot be compared to personal computers The programming in computers as suggested has no bearing with the EVMs The computer would have inherent limitations having connections through the Internet and by their very design they may allow the alteration of the programme but the EVMs are independent units and the programme in EVM is entirely a different system" Supposing for a moment that the charges levelled by the Opposition parties are true then one also has to appreciate the kind of invisible army of thousands and even lakhs of well-trained people that the BJP has created to stealthily manually tamper every single sealed EVM that is kept in polling stations Not just that the BJP has compromised the entire system — the ECI its state subsidiaries poll officials at all levels security officials and personnel at all levels parties’ candidates and their representatives in all constituencies — without the world getting an inkling of it They have done it without getting noticed at any level of the multi-tiered checks Going by that assumption Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have to be geniuses of the highest order who could create and an army of invisible "Mr Indias" whose stealth acts — breaking and reassembling of lakhs of EVMs — would not be seen by anyone or captured by any camera In 2014 when BJP registered an emphatic victory in the Parliamentary elections Congress was ruling at the centre and the party and its new-found 16-party EVM brigade were ruling the two-third of the states in India When BJP won UP in March 2017 the state was under the rule of SP while Uttrakhand was ruled by Congress AAP won Delhi in 2015 winning 67 out of the 70 seats when BJP was ruling at the centre and the state was in Lt Governor’s rule BJP lost Bihar and Punjab but then the EVM brigade said that BJP consciously didn’t tamper polling machines there Now consider what Moily a multiple-term Congress MP former law minister and former Karnataka chief minister had to say: "EVMs we know very well Even during our period (UPA) we got them tested EVM is not the reason Just because you are defeated Only the defeatist people will blame EVMs otherwise there is no point. This populism will destroy your base Congress should not go for populism Just because somebody in some region took up the issue I don’t think you (Congress) should play second fiddle to them" In a well-argued article Biju Janata Dal (BJD) MP Jay Panda said "Those who demand a rollback to paper ballots are wrong and forget why we moved on from them After all despite the real risks of road accidents we don’t abandon motor vehicles and go back to horse-drawn carriages Instead we implement safety measures like speed limits seat belts and helmets" The composition of Arvind Kejriwal’s new government looks like it will besignificantly different from what it was a year ago Somnath Bharti and Rakhi Birla the then ministers at the centre of too many controversies are gone What this signals is that with so much of popular trust and faith riding on his shoulders the AAP chief wants to start off with a clean slate and without unwarranted controversies and headlines But the most significant thing that has come out of the AAP stable so far is news that there may just be a Deputy Chief Minister’s post for Manish Sisodia in the new Kejriwal government Sisodia is a sober sincere mature and committed leader and had been a virtual number two in the previous government He also has the capacity to command confidence deliver goods and smartly articulate views on significant issues But there is a whole lot of difference between being a perceived ‘Number Two’ and being officially designated theDeputy Chief Minister PTI Given the larger than life persona that Kejriwal has acquired since 10 Februarywhen the Delhi election results were first declared there is really no space for an official number two Moreover Delhi is only half-a-state which can have only seven ministers including the Chief Minister With 67 of the 70 seats(96 percent) of the legislative assembly filled by AAP there ishardly any need for floor management either inside or outside of the House Conventional wisdom based on past practice suggests that a Deputy Chief Minister’s position is generally madeout of political compulsion mostly in a coalition government It is clear therefore that ifSisodia is indeed namedthe Deputy Chief Minister that there is a very clear purpose behind doing so AAPwas nevermeant to be a regional Delhi centric party it always had much grander ambitions of being an alternative to the existing political options in India But the party has had to learn some harsh lessons afterthe roadblocks it hit it its endeavour to go national during the Lok Sabha elections which saw among other things Kejriwal attempting to take on Narendra Modi in Varanasi The party has come torealise that it cannot fulfil that dream unlessKejriwal himself campaignsextensively in regions outside Delhi He will not be able todo it if he gets sucked full time into the Delhi government’s secretarial work He of course willbe carrying out his chief ministerial responsibilities But once the process and structures of the new government arewell laid out and things stabilise a bit he will be able toturn to his trusted and perhaps efficient colleague Sisodia to let him handle mundane things or take urgent decisions while he isaway touring the rest of the country Narendra Modi himself ran a very successful Prime Ministerial election campaign while still being Gujarat chief minister Modi didnot designate a Number Two while doing so but Kejriwal could just be going a step forward What this couldaugur for AAP workers and voters at large who have placed suchunflinching faith in Kejriwal to free Delhi of all malice will no doubtbe a subject matter of intense debate in times to come But AAP’s top leadership seems to have drawn out its political road map in this regard If this does indeed turn out to be the case it will bein contrast to what AAP leaders including Yogendra Yadav had said in the immediate aftermath of the declaration of the Delhi results They had said that the party had learnt its lessons and would first work to consolidate its position in Delhi whilefocusing on the delivery of goods and then work on an expansion plan Will Kejriwal and AAP once again spread itself thin At this point it’s too early to say The political plan ahead could well leave a section of their Delhi supporters disheartened but may gladden their supporters in other regions By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: March 1 2017 2:21 pm Taapsee Pannu wants to work with Rana Daggubati in a full feature film Related News Taapsee Pannu and Rana Daggubati’s latest film The Ghazi Attack has already won hearts of the audience But their fans surely miss seeing them romance as their plot did not go beyond she being a refugee and him being a handsome naval officer It seems even Taapsee wants to star with the actor in a full-fledged feature film The actor took to Twitter and wrote “dear war star will I have to be your antagonist for u to do a full feature with me?” In response to this Rana tweeted “We will do lots and lots films together that much I know… now let’s figure out how!” But it does make us wonder if they are hinting at their next project Meanwhile Rana has confirmed his upcoming film It will be a tale of a soldier who fought for independence during the British Raj So are the actors collaborating yet again for this film Only they have an answer to it More from the world of Entertainment: Talking about his next movie Rana made it clear that the story is not based on any character or personality but will be a work of fiction with just references to that period He shared his excitement stating that there are many such stories from history that should be told to the public The actor said that he will soon reveal other details of the film Check Taapsee Pannu and Rana Daggubati’s tweets: We will do lots and lots a films together that much I know… now let’s figure out how! ? gives the state government sweeping powers over transfers and promotions over police personnel across ranks,of the day for 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