Dong Haochi children’s channel Dong Hao children’s channel advertising late night no bottom line

for 90, children’s channel once accompanied us through the whole childhood, remember the moon sister and scarab, Dong Hao, uncle? They are humorous, pure and moving hosting style has been deeply into our memories, childhood memories become.

recently, uncle Dong Hao in an interview with sharp words, lashed out at the current children’s channel is much less than before: "the children’s channel has been changed, the ratings no, sometimes I see, hey? Travel to the field, look at twelve children’s channel to see how to sell on the drug, scared to death."

children’s channel is the core concept of respect, support, guidance, happiness. Respect for the rights and interests of children; support the children to explore their own potential; guide the healthy growth of children, so that every child has the best start in life, have unlimited joy of living space, this is the purpose of open channel. Today, a large number of channels not suitable for children to watch the ads, actually selling drugs, shocking.

even with the popularity of a large number of electronic products, so that ratings decline, but the fundamental reason is that children’s channels gradually lost the charm to attract children. In June last year, uncle Dong Hao exposure will retire in June this year, childhood memories fade out of our vision.

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