What business do you do most profitable near school

we all went to school, students should know that it is love to buy things, but also very large consumer groups, students are also very important, students, children and women are on the market’s three major consumer groups, so you want to make money must seize the consumer is king, so it is in the vicinity of the school so what do the school near the most profitable business? Today, good business network Xiaobian to share with you some of the money making business near the school, take a look at it!

school to do what the most profitable business 1, cosmetics industry

cosmetics industry, Chinese women have probably never been so beautiful, even the expensive high-end imported cosmetics also have a large number of followers. The rapid growth of China’s cosmetics market confirms the sentence: Women’s money is best earned." It is also a "man’s money is not difficult to earn", because the Chinese people have always been known for serious conservative men began to pay attention to the face of the problem.

The growth rate of

China cosmetics industry wide market China years cosmetics industry is far higher than the average growth rate of the national economy, the ten big money industry profits, the average growth in the past ten years the cosmetics industry rate of 13%. Industry estimates, the next few years, China’s cosmetics market sales will be maintained at an annual rate of about 15% growth, by 2010, China’s total consumption of cosmetics market will reach RMB 80 billion.

currently occupy the high-end cosmetics market is mainly multinational brands, such as SK II, L’OREAL, AVON, Shiseido, etc.. What is "Chinese style cosmetics"? We Chinese cosmetics also stressed that not only emphasizes the beauty, health, consumers in the use of cosmetics, nutrition through the skin into the body, improve health.

school to do what the most profitable business 2, the software industry

game market overall showed rapid growth, boutique. Domestic game software products compared with previous years, there is a big breakthrough, whether it is the type of product, sales volume and the amount of sales have a large degree of growth. The domestic game "fate of the Three Kingdoms" a listing by famous foreign issuers do total global sales, released at the same time a dozen languages, and attract the world sit up and take notice. Linux software sudden emergence. Although there is still a lack of large-scale applications, but it has been a great concern to the industry, many IT vendors are confident about the broad market prospects of Linux.

at present, with the increasing number of foreign brands have increased investment, anti-virus software market competition intensified. Market share from the past KV3000 and KILL rising, three of the world pattern changes to the KV3000 today, rising, Kingsoft three points in the world. Translation software in the last year, no one in the list. To recommend