An umbrella can show the sincerity of service

to provide customers with a very high quality service, which is not just shouting can do, more often reflected in the details of the above. In short, the details of the service should be people-oriented. Customers are God can not only stay in the mouth, but also should be implemented in every detail of the usual operation, respect for customers and meet their most basic requirements. What do customers need? In addition to the respect of personality, smiling service, good faith service, more important or sincere concern. Really solve their worries, let them into the store feel at home. Only in this way can we create a good image of the store, the customer will not be invited.

this year the beginning of summer season, as the rain earlier than in previous years, more. One day in May, my wife and I just cleaned out the inside and outside the shop, there are a lot of nearby residents of the old customers into the store shopping. As I was busy taking things for the customers, the sky suddenly clouded over. With the rumbling of thunder, the sky began to rain immediately. At the beginning, just drizzle, suddenly the sky and the earth weave into a gray net, big rain accompanied on highway 104 car sound always on the move into a monotonous and chaotic rhythm.

half an hour later, the rain did not mean to stop. Many of the customers in the shop for closer to home are not ready for their gear, a face of helpless and stood at the door looking at the sky. Look at those because no umbrella "trapped" live customer, I was out of the counter, greeting customers to Rest Area sit down, and then for each customer end on a hot cup of tea, and take off the newspapers, magazines and related merchandise promotional materials from reading frame distribution to customers to allow customers to browse.

at this time, a girl restless, constantly pulled out his cell phone to see the time. I found after inquire, hurriedly went upstairs to take a umbrella to the girl, "you hurry to work, the umbrella with you, be careful on the road." The girl took the umbrella, and said: "thank you, I do it immediately sent back an umbrella." See this scene, those who stay in the store customers have come to borrow an umbrella.

I took out their usual spare a few umbrellas to them, said: "the limited number of umbrellas, we let each other, there is an urgent thing to take an umbrella, thank you for your cooperation!" At this time, there is a customer not eager to go to the umbrella, he looked anxiously around, I put my raincoat on the electric vehicle to the customer.

I heard that

is rain on the electric vehicle, the customer said what did not take, she said: "you have lent me your raincoat, poncho with no out of work, how to do." I smiled and said: "it doesn’t matter, you use it, maybe I want to go out, the rain stopped." The customer refused however, gratefully took over and said: "thank you, thank you! Your service is very thoughtful and considerate."