Bank of communications Jiangsu branch held a red viewing activities

8 1 is a special holiday, is the birthday of my party. In order to celebrate this exciting historical moment, many places have launched their own unique way to commemorate. To celebrate China people’s Liberation Army 89 anniversary, August 1st to fully express the resumption of military staff holiday wishes and sincere greetings, the afternoon, traffic bank (601328, shares) Jiangsu branch held the resumption of military employees (including retired ex servicemen employees) red color viewing activities.

Xu Bin, Secretary of the Party committee of the branch of the Bank of communications, and the president of the Jiangsu provincial Party committee. Governor Xu reviewed the history of Chinese army of the people’s Liberation Army, to pay tribute and heartfelt thanks to the staff make outstanding contribution to the military complex in his military career and to the position of the struggle in the whole jurisdiction of each line.

site to watch the movie "my grandfather" agents, relive the veterans of pride.

500 more than the resumption of military staff in their daily work and participate in various bank of communications Jiangsu branch line of business development, painstaking research, hard work, only the best, with excellent performance to prove the value of their own, made ex servicemen in the indelible soul.

Under the leadership of our party, people’s living standard has been improved continuously, and the economic development of the society has also been greatly developed. People have a peaceful life style of

. The importance of the party, the importance of the military, is well known to all of us. I hope that the party in the future, can continue to grow.

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