Enhance customer experience to make business more popular

whether it is a physical store or shop, even the same product, there are countless sellers, which caused the fierce competition situation, if you want to make your own shop business is hot, you need take relevant strategies. Here, Xiao Bian recommended to enhance the degree of customer experience, to enhance the performance of the store will have a very big help.

recently went to Inner Mongolia Hohhot evening lectures, customers invited to Xibei village dinner.

a door, a few uniformed attendants in the mouth of the elevator just out of the chorus, we shouted "I love you", the new form of greeting, refreshing.

after admission, found on each table and put a delicate hourglass, the waiter explained that the sand leakage after about 25 minutes, if the food has not neat, this meal is free, it reminds me of the one we used to bring the joke, said the hotel most often heard is lie. The dishes do not ask a waiter, "now, immediately".

really, not long, all the dishes are all together, is amazing, suddenly, the table near the waiter to the customer designated Taijiquan, one asked the waiter, "drink that can participate in Mora win you face", as long as you win you free, waiter, lost, drink. This is a novel.

feels more fun, and dinner, the cheerful music, the waiter at the front desk, we danced a dance, you face to imitate you face the production process, make people laugh.

coincidentally, and later went to Hohhot with the Mongolian meal on behalf of the gerile amah, besides featuring Mongolian decoration, even hanging like Gen Gi Khan, also dedicated a stage – hanging Mongolian costumes, let the customer wear free pictures, there will be staff Chuiladanchang, if you ordered a roast all the dishes, and hada ceremonies, make people feel very distinctive.

later, to experience the folk song Hot pot restaurant Xinhua Square, the waiter told reporters, as long as Zhangdian took three pictures, including corporate logo, uploaded to WeChat, can be free to send a lamb. In another chain of hot pot restaurants, in accordance with the waiter’s tip, as long as the scanning business WeChat account, and in accordance with the operation to become an electronic member, you can play 15% off.

in the new competitive environment, the era of unipolar marketing has ended, the advent of the era of multipolarity. In the multi polarization marketing environment, customer experience is particularly important.

so-called customer experience, is to change the original pure seller’s market behavior, pay more attention to the buyer’s market, emphasize the customer experience, feel the value of the product, in customer participation, >