Bill Gates’s advice to young people

Bill Gates is the richest man in the world. Many young people’s goal, its legendary encouraging many young people to fight, its rich experience and provide some advice to the contemporary young people, let’s take a look!

(a), Bill Gates. The 12 code of conduct for young people:

How can

a sit up and take notice of success? Perhaps, you will find a variety of different answers, such as good character, good attitude, good habits, etc.. But these are the byproducts of action in Bill Gates, for the most important rule of success is the principle of action. He said: "the most reliable success is not waiting for someone else to send a good opportunity, but to rely on their own actions to prove how much they can do. Therefore, I believe in my life – not to say anything, but to believe in action!"

1 Action Plan: find the pointer of his life!

2 action plan: to their own goal paibingbuzhen!

5 time: planning "zero beyond" means!

6 actions: open channel breakthrough work efficiently!

8 Strategies: the ideal of "cheese processing operation operation"!

9 action character: ability to prove that he is strong!

10 challenge: try to risk is the biggest success in the beginning!

11 action relationship: good contacts will not lose heart!

12 actions: being the leader of the masters of their own happiness!

(two), Bill Gates to the 11 principles of youth: