Dry cleaners need to invest much money for your analysis

now people’s living conditions improved, the cleaning of clothing has a higher pursuit, a good dry cleaners are frequented places. For a lot of friends who want to start their own businesses, are not open a dry cleaning shop on the issue and tangled, do not know whether the investment in the dry cleaning industry is worth. How much does the dry cleaner need to invest? Xiao Bian today to give you an analysis.

Third, the choice of location is also very important, the bustling downtown street location, traffic contact more and more, so we need to invest more in equipment to meet their needs. Throughout the development of a number of laundry system, we found that this model to join the shop in the shop to reduce investment in this regard, it is very beneficial to the franchisee’s investment, but also to get more revenue. Now, from the world famous laundry chain institutions – aunt Marie laundry is the most suitable for the public to join general, aunt Marie in the domestic development situation is very good, but has achieved business, national chain stores in more than and 20 provinces and cities, is the leading technical equipment, experience is very worth learning. Is a very attractive investment projects.

at the dry cleaners cost investment, equipment configuration and related stores. For example, closed four PCE dry cleaning machine, automatic frequency of oil dry cleaning machine and other equipment, are required to purchase their own, in the decoration, store decoration can also be carried out according to their own preferences, green and fresh dry environment, more consumers can win the love.

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