Account for Entrepreneurship

entrepreneurship is a big book, entrepreneurs must always have a mind of the account, always respond to changes in market development, so that the crisis into business opportunities to achieve better development.

2016, the global economy is in a cold winter, China in order to get rid of the problem of catastrophic overcapacity, said the future economic slowdown and a clear determination to promote the great efforts to promote reform. Reform is bound to affect everyone, social employment more and more difficult, but the cost of living has increased only.

for entrepreneurship calculations: the city (good lots) 20 square meters of store rent about 4 – 60 thousand / year, an employee of the social security fund expenditures include an average of 2 – 40 thousand, water and electrical property charges of not less than 5000, to buy a computer desk and office supplies, simple decoration 3 50 thousand, in addition to pay value-added tax, business tax, corporate income tax and personal income tax etc.. A year down about two hundred thousand, flower residue is not left, it had prepared a lot out of liquidity, even in addition to store the goods rental warehouse, warehouse stockpile need money, need money, all the time spent. So how much money a day to earn money? Did you count?


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