Harbin poor families can enjoy preferential employment

some of the policy for the majority of social entrepreneurs is very practical, at the same time, now there are still a lot of poor social China who need help, in Heilongjiang Province issued a new deal.

the minimum living guarantee family have the ability to work and unemployed personnel, holding my ID card, account, "unemployment registration certificate" and city residents minimum living proof, domicile Street offices, community employment and social security center (station) for the employment difficulties identified by. County government departments of social audit, be noted in the "unemployment registration certificate" employment assistance card into the range of employment assistance, enjoy employment support policies.

the minimum living guarantee family have the ability to work and unemployed workers, flexible employment employment after the declaration and payment of social insurance premiums, given the social insurance subsidies in accordance with the provisions; the minimum living guarantee for urban families in the employment to the unemployed, in registered unemployed college graduates, with the entrepreneurial intention of registered unemployed persons, to participate in all levels the community sector organization occupation skills training, entrepreneurship training, and active job seekers, can use unemployment insurance for occupation training subsidies, subsidies, subsidies for the occupation of entrepreneurship training.

This is a measure of the


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