E commerce into a new platform for entrepreneurship in Shaanxi

now the society is a kind of e-commerce era of entrepreneurship, in this background, the country are actively establish some suitable for the development of e-commerce business environment in Shaanxi Province, now e-commerce has become a new business platform.

Xi’an from July 15th "three in one" test run for half a month to the end of July, the city has issued 2238 licenses, an increase of 23.7%. Yesterday, the National Bureau of Investigation Corps investigation report released in Shaanxi, since 2015, Shaanxi Volkswagen entrepreneurship booming e-commerce has become a new platform for public entrepreneurship.

2015 years, Shaanxi and more actively promote the enterprise "three in one", "multi card Jo registration system. In this push, the enthusiasm of the public entrepreneurship was encouraged to declare a significant increase in enterprises. Xi’an city from July 15th "three in one" test run to July 31st half a month, the city received a total of 2442 enterprises to apply for the license, issued 2238, an increase of 23.7%. While decentralization, all localities to further implement the entrepreneurship loan policy, financial support to promote public entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial enterprises increased significantly, the number of jobs increased significantly, the public business is booming trend.


in such a new e-commerce platform to build, for the majority of the electricity supplier entrepreneurs, is a very important, will also promote a Shaanxi local public enthusiasm of e-commerce venture.


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