The soup shop five points need to pay attention to all the

a group of loyal is necessary for their meal project culture, do not underestimate this group, because they can bring immeasurable Zhibuding for your return. A soup shop is no exception, a service to your customer satisfaction, not only to consume more often, and live advertising, as do give guests a good impression, suggested a method!

soup shop the five points need to pay attention to the


1. keep the soup shop sanitation and cleaning:

environmental health and clean, is the basic requirement in the catering industry, to the guests to feel good, but also to let the guests eat at ease, must wash a floor cleaner every day, and regular cleaning, so as to maintain the entire soup shop is not greasy, give guests clean dining environment, but also reduce the cockroach ants, mice and so on pests of opportunity for the government food regulations, also do a good job.

2. fast food supply:

modern people in a tense industrial society, everything about the efficiency of speed, for there is no waiting patiently, a "soup shop" when the guests some good recipes, a minute a dish is ample, preparation work is most important, fast food supply can improve the "soup shop" business income. When the peak dining time, without ready, is not able to supply the needs of guests, staff is the most important, what people do what!

3. stable meal quality:

everyone grew up from birth to growth process, growth environment, so the meal Custom makes all things easy. vary, one of the guests every time the same meal yet, is he love this dish, he taste mouth, so open a "soup shop" for weight, the size of each dish noodles, a bowl of noodles the dishes, seasoning, soup, and so on are the same every time, so in the operation of a soup shop for a product that is not easy to change his production process.

4. care about guest places:

a guest you want to pay attention to where he is, how about eating habits? If you like the light, salty, spicy, when the guests come, he likes to put on the sauce, he got a sense of intimacy. Paper is also the focus of tea, do not let the guests to you, chili sauce, vinegar, etc. do not let the guests go to other tables!

5. tried to attract customers:

shop guests active site dining is passive, is based on the location of the store selling point, the initiative to allow customers to see your "soup shop" look! Move as door >