Green creative ideas in the field of environmental protection

choice of the entrepreneurial industry must be very cautious, the potential of the non environmental industry in the entrepreneurial industry. Not only for environmental protection and the ability to create a platform for their own rich, there are 4 small business environment for your reference!

environmental protection project

knowledge required: hotel management, sustainable development

start time:


special challenges: Decoration investment, hard work


water landscape design project

knowledge required: landscape design, water saving

start time:

months to several years

special challenge: develop landscape design skills and knowledge

it is predicted that the most arid region of the United States will become more and more hot and dry, have a variety of business opportunities in many areas. In areas that are already beginning to encourage water-saving landscape design, such as Garth, it is possible to have a specialist in the design and development of drought tolerant plants. In some other untapped markets, you can try to seize the initiative.

environmental protection project

knowledge required: graphic design, communication, media

start time: Recommended