Heilongjiang Price Bureau of Harbin driving collective price incident

with the improvement of people’s life, more and more money in people’s hands, after more and more people are buying a house, buy a car to start, of course in the process of purchasing a car, the driver’s license is a prerequisite, so now on the market of the driver’s license is also very popular, but some institutions are to increase the price. At the beginning of December 2016, the general rise in Harbin city driving school tuition, the price to 4000 yuan from 2000 yuan to 3000 yuan, or more than 1000 yuan. Reporters learned from authoritative sources, Heilongjiang Province Price Bureau has been involved in the investigation.

collective price

2016 in late November, the public Ms. Liu would like to test a C1 driver’s license, then asked the price is 2800 yuan, and later because of a business trip did not sign up, driving back to her call to remind her to sign up as soon as possible, or else the price. Liu believes that the driving school just to let her talk about it, I did not expect, in December 2nd, she came back from a business trip, and then consult the driver’s license price, C1 card has become a 4300 yuan. Subsequently, she asked the three driving school, the price is more than $4000.

according to local media reports, and she had the same experience as well as mr.. Mr. Wu said that he was consulting in November 28th, when the price is 2800 yuan, and so on to go to the registration in December 1st, driving school said prices, C1 driver’s license fees rose to $4000.

reporter by phone, to the point of application consulting interviews, Huatong, Hongbo, dragon Goldtron potential up to several driving school, said according to the "Regulations" unified prices, with the local media reports can be confirmed by each other.

why the price? Why not lower than 4000 yuan tuition? Reporter interviewed by the identity of students, the answer is basically the same: in accordance with the requirements of the industry price increases, the price must be more than 4000 yuan." Driving school leaders in the end will come back after the price."

so, who asked for it? Who organized the meeting? What would it be?.

Association issued a document


12 month 6 days, reporter to get a document, is the name of the "Harbin driver training institutions joint management body implementation plan and self-discipline", the introduction of the program "Harbin Road Transport Association of motor vehicle driver training branch (referred to as driving the association).

in accordance with the plan, the more than and 100 driving schools in Harbin will be formed into a consortium, the establishment of the joint operation of the company, the implementation of the operating entities of the company turned over the profits and performance of the gold management.