What are the whole to boost sales method

if there is only a small convenience store, then, this convenience store is able to do whatever they want, how to pricing on how to price it? Once the product is in a monopoly, this time the price of the shopkeeper said, how much is to sell, the customer does not have the choice and no alternative, only to pay for the purchase.

but we think about the problem today, the owner said the problem, the district is only a retail store, which is not what the surrounding residents will be sent to the needs of life. In fact, the current market competition is fierce, seemingly behind the exclusive, in fact, there are a lot of a lot of competitors not far away, but the store owner did not find it hard.

is the convenience store merchandise, although most of them are customer needs, or because of the price, or because the quality or service due to the problems caused by the surrounding the loss of customers, this is the only answer, in order to meet the convenience store business for two years without making a lot of customers around the back of the results, the turnover of the business situation lingers.

want to improve the turnover of the owner to find a reason: commodity prices are not unreasonable. It can think of the goods described by question master and can think of business projects are to try to do well in this perspective, the shopkeeper is trying to do better business honest and sincere. The most important thing is the price, the most important thing is the quality of the price. First of all, the owner should carey investigate the price of their store goods.

Before the

investigation of this problem, the owner should be of merchandise to a general merchandise division, which belongs to the people often buy goods, which belongs to often do not buy, which belongs to the commodity selling brand, which belongs to the general commodity brand, which belongs to the two line brand merchandise, which belongs to the popular commodity. After the division of the owner of the good, and look forward to the pricing of these goods on the simple.

pricing of popular goods to be low. Why is the best-selling brand to lower the price, this is the surrounding customers every day in life requires the goods based, sell more, customers are more sensitive to the price of the goods, who on a corner of your home, who is a cheap yuan, these goods are several customers, this kind of selling goods if the unreasonable pricing, caused by the loss of customers is an inevitable result. Commodity prices on less popular brands to be reasonable.

most of the brand is not too popular to use a slightly higher profit pricing practices. Because of its small sales, would like to make a little more mentality exists. However, in our store long-term business process, some customers may be in urgent need of temporary, after the purchase of nothing. If you find other stores in the past to buy the high price, this time will be more than the cost of silver generated resentment