What are the general jiamengfei

a lot of people want to start their own business by joining the dream of becoming rich, when the project will be selected to consider the cost of joining the question, some people will ask how much the general cost of joining the need, generally including what projects.

fee is a unique form of business, it is the brand holder corporate brand intangible assets such as intellectual property (including inventions, patents, trademarks, copyright), organization and management of assets, market assets and human assets in the form of a contract awarded by the franchisee, the franchisee in accordance with the contract, engaged in business activities in a unified business model, and pay a fee to the brand holder. Generally include the use of brand fees, performance bonds, brand management fees three costs.

these three charges, different brands of charges is not the same, such as big brands such as KFC, millions are joining fees, the investment cost is very high, of course, there are many small brands, their joining fee is generally a few million yuan can, in general. Join the cost is from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, when you choose to join must understand clearly.

a lot of people to join a brand, there will be such a doubt, that is to join the cost can retire it?

general merchants to join the direct performance of the deposit refund to you, the other is not refundable. Join fee is you as an agent of this brand, you pay the money he will give you the brand of agency, in recent years, the use of brand agency, is the head of the company’s intangible assets. So be able to return the fee is the same as the performance of the security costs.


has some brand agent is not to pay a lot of franchise fee, it is the first time the number of products according to your purchase to pay the initial fee, such fee is generally not returned, because the initial fee is the products you buy, the product sold, sold the franchise fee refund to you, in fact is that there is no initial fee can be returned "problem. This is a lot of people want to join the project.

look at the actual situation, some of the fees can be refunded, and some can not be returned. So everyone in the relevant agreement signed with the business agent must see, the above contract was written and spoken to you there is no difference, if there is a timely and business address, so as not to fall into the business finally dug trap inside. There is what we see is not only the business to withdraw the franchise fee, look at the time to join each year to pay it, or just a one-time payment.