Shenyang public security organs for the enterprise to develop service launched

in order to better implement the service for the people, Shenyang police launched a service for enterprises, and the key project unit docking, tailored, formulated the "custom" services "package", to provide a range of services for enterprises, widely welcomed by enterprises.

the city’s public security organs at all levels to carry out key projects to go visit activities, project comprehensive combing investigation area of key enterprises, in accordance with the "branch, leading police to follow up, co-ordination, packing service" principle, realization and key enterprises within the jurisdiction of the whole face.

by listing the list of services, questionnaires, solicit opinions and suggestions, the enterprises need to ask, for a detailed record of the enterprise management status, problems and main demand, establish archives records and ensure that understand and y grasp.

, the county (city) bureau based on y grasp the project area of key enterprises operating conditions of the project, according to the different needs of different industries and different fields, tailored for each enterprise has the characteristics of the targeted service plan, formulate and promote the work of the task decomposition table table, list the list of services and unified "service", submitted to the Council by the Council "service" for the enterprise dynamic demand in different periods, coordination of traffic police, fire and other related police early intervention, to provide "service package", which effectively solve the various problems of project construction and the camp.

a wide range of services, welcomed by the major small and medium enterprises in Shenyang. Shenyang Municipal Bureau of the "service" will put this work into the performance appraisal of this year, to carry out supervision and inspection of each unit regularly docking development work and key construction projects, to ensure that the work carried out, to achieve tangible results.

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