Han Di yuan barbecue join details

food and beverage industry plays an important role in economic growth in Chinese, every kind of food items as long as there is for you business can bring some benefits for you, this is also one of the reasons why many novice entrepreneurs are willing to start their career in the catering industry. Take the now popular barbecue industry said the old, famous barbecue franchise has many brands, each brand has its own products, consumer groups, today Xiaobian for everyone to recommend Han Di yuan barbecue.

Han Di yuan barbecue was founded in 1999, belongs to the Fushun Han Di yuan Catering Management Co., Ltd. brand, mainly engaged in selling barbecue. From the customer point of view, continuous research and development, the introduction of new products, loved by consumers, customers are constantly. Such a hot market, naturally attracted the attention of many investors, investors want to join Han Di yuan barbecue more and more. If you are optimistic about the development of the barbecue industry, good barbecue Han Di yuan profit space, want to get rich by joining the Han Di yuan barbecue, then act quickly, understand the project details, quick step to join


Han Di yuan joining fee:


joined the city’s first tier cities (to Guangzhou as an example) second tier cities (to Xiamen as an example) three line city (Daqing, for example)

shop area of 300 square meters with 300 square meters and 300 square meters

join fee 120 thousand yuan 120 thousand yuan 120 thousand yuan

brand margin 100 thousand yuan 10 thousand yuan 100 thousand yuan

cashier system installation fee 15 thousand yuan 15 thousand yuan 15 thousand yuan

system maintenance fee (year) 3000 yuan 3000 yuan 3000 yuan

rent costs 66 thousand yuan / month, 45 thousand yuan / month, 36 thousand yuan / month

decoration costs 800 yuan / square meters to 700 yuan / square meters to 600 yuan / square meters

equipment cost 150 thousand yuan 120 thousand yuan 100 thousand yuan

raw materials 100 thousand yuan 90 thousand yuan 80 thousand yuan

advertising costs 50 thousand yuan 40 thousand yuan 30 thousand yuan

opening costs 40 thousand yuan 30 thousand yuan 20 thousand yuan

staff wages 3000 yuan / month / person (15) $2500 / month / person (15) $2000 / month / person (15>)