Five rule restaurant business with a small capital

for business with a small capital entrepreneurs who want to succeed in business, is to choose to join the catering industry? As we all know, choose to join the restaurant industry, is a very development space for the project selection. So, today Xiaobian to introduce you choose to join the food and beverage industry has five rules:

A, main product positioning method.

The threshold is not high in

two, founder of personality orientation.

the real decision of brand development, is the ability and founder of innate mind. Do not go with the flow, do not look at the world, not through the external packaging (, but to go deep inside, to find the hearts of the founders of the same ambitions and genes. Through the genetic code to locate, so as to character unity, stick to fly.

three, lifestyle positioning method.

four, consumer groups positioning method.

five, create a new category positioning method.

new category, should comply with the familiar feeling of surprise. First of all, it should be from the market to find the most popular category of the most familiar, the most frequently consumed category, from the breakdown of a new category.

by the above description, I believe everyone to choose to join the catering industry five rules, there has been a understanding. Heart action, as soon as possible to choose a message!