Government departments training family hotel practitioners

through government support, small and micro hotels built up. These small and micro hotels in the protection of hardware at the same time, software facilities are indispensable. In June 6th, 7, Xining science and Technology Bureau of sports and Tourism City area garden tree village more than 40 the upcoming opening of the family hotel employees to participate in training. So as to effectively promote the rapid and orderly development of small and micro hotels, enhance the reception capacity and service level of small and micro hotels.

June 7th, reporters from the city of Xining City District Science and Technology Tourism Bureau learned that, after nearly two months of intense construction decoration, is located in the garden tree village Xining City District of the first small micro hotel has been completed renovation, officially opened in mid June.

Prior to the opening of the

, the science and technology and Tourism Bureau of the city zone specially invited the professional trainers of the Xining Mansion training department to train the practitioners of the first family hotels. In the training, the training division is the basic norm, housekeeping service industry process and the actual operation skill, room disinfection procedures to the trainees made in detail. Especially in the basic norms of the service industry, the trainer combined with lively and vivid presentation of the instrument, appearance, courtesy, etiquette and other aspects of the conventional elaborate explanation. Professional trainer also through the demonstration of the operating process, so that the family hotel practitioners to observe the room cleaning process and disinfection procedures in the key skills, and hands-on. This hand, in the face of the training mode of zero distance, the participants recognized.

according to the relevant person in charge, through this training, small hotel employees constantly sum up experience, put to work as soon as possible, strictly regulate the management, to enhance the quality and level of tourism services, to provide protection to expand the tourist reception capacity.