2007 Xining per capita net income of farmers increased by 3397 yuan

according to the Xining Municipal Bureau of Statistics survey of 260 households in rural households survey data show that in 2007 the per capita net income of farmers in Xining, 3397 yuan, an increase of $446, an increase of 15.41%, an increase of a record high.

2007, wage income has become the main source of income for farmers in Xining. The city’s per capita wage income of farmers was 1496 yuan, accounting for farmers net income of $44.03%, an increase of 17.69%. Household operating income of 1479 yuan per capita, accounting for net income of $43.56%, an increase of 10%.

addition, due to the expansion of the scale of urban construction so that farmers get more land acquisition compensation income last year, the per capita property income of farmers in Xining 326 yuan, an increase of 24.88%. Increase in grain and oil subsidies, subsidies for the issuance of fine varieties, the spread of rural cooperative medical care, but also so that farmers have a relatively large income.