City District dust volume ranked first in four areas

City District in the comprehensive management of air pollution battle, adhere to tackling the problem, combining guidance, focused, balanced, effective control of city particulate pollution, reduce pollutant emissions intensity, pollution source emission reduction, collaborative multi point point source control, to focus on remediation of the key and difficult problems, to make city zone. More blue, more fresh air.

it is understood that the comprehensive management of air pollution carried out since September, the city area construction, urban management, environmental protection departments to establish "three joint investigation bureau approved joint", there have been 83 site in accordance with the "five 100%" rectification, achieve the basic 8 commercial concrete station management standard, various departments to strengthen cleaning sprinkler cleaning and other measures on the part of vehicle management and road, the implementation of 24 hours full time, all-weather cumulative and building materials illegal vehicles 2753. In addition, on the basis of 2012, the city has been fully completed coal-fired boilers, coal to gas, the transformation of coal-fired boilers 50 units of 46.3 tons of steam, completely eliminating the urban "black smoke" phenomenon. Construction, municipal, demolition construction site of the sand pile, engineering material mound is serious, the area has shut down 25 illegal demolition of small processing enterprises, shall be ordered to move out of 8 heavy pollution, high energy consumption and without any operating procedures of the enterprises, banned the 3 lime blowing places, the total financing of 70 thousand yuan of lime Zhaizhen the foaming area of the ground leveling, compaction and coverage.

as of now, the city has 95 consecutive days to carry out the comprehensive management of air pollution in the crucial action, more than two good weather for 61 days, light pollution weather for 32 days, moderate pollution weather for 2 days, the four district ranked in the central dust amount is 5.79 tons / km month, · ranked first.