Friendship village and other 8 villages by the rhyme home town escrow

as the basic level management system reform in Xining City, the first pilot city, East District actively explore the reform plan, at present, has jurisdiction of six agricultural Street office is hosted by the village unified rhyme home town.

in order to accelerate the integration of urban and rural development, to further rationalize the rural village affairs management authority, improve the service level of management, the overall guidance of the "three rural" work, to meet the needs of the management system reform at the basic level of city, East District of friendship village Muslim Lane Street offices, public street offices advanced village, village solidarity, joint village Zhou Jiaquan Street office Cao Village Bayi Road Subdistrict Office, LINJIAYA Street Office Lu Jia Zhuang Cun Lin Jia Ya Cun, Wangjiazhuang train station, village street office 8 administrative villages unified by home town government in rhyme. Home town, Yun each agricultural office will be completed by the end of March to transfer and transfer work. The agriculture office under the jurisdiction of the village by Yun Jia Kou Zhen unified escrow is an important measure for the long-term development of the relationship between the eastern and the administrative villages will maintain the existing zoning, constant production and way of life situation, straighten out the management authority, integrate the advantages of resources, the transfer of the relevant principles, according to the working standard limits, will the village affairs unified management by the home town of rhyme. Rhyme home town will be unified management of the 15 administrative villages of the new village construction, industrial restructuring, the village changed to live, the education of the villagers and other work.

at the same time, for the convenience of the rural masses to the nearest service, east district government set up home town village affairs agency rhyme window in the administrative service hall by Yun Jia Kou Zhen sent someone responsible for rural affairs, the village set up a corresponding point for rural affairs. (author: Zhou Jianping Hwayoung)