Consumer market open mid autumn model

The Mid Autumn Festival approaching, the Mid Autumn Festival as the most important element, a wide variety, a superb collection of beautiful things moon beginning "Zhengyan" market.

"compared to previous years, the box is more simple, the price is down from the 3 of this month began to put counter sales, ordinary people to buy more, from the current situation of every basic level, is expected to around 24, 25 will usher in peak sales." Wangfujing supermarket fresh group shopping guide Peng Xiuzhen said that this year’s moon cake market follow the civilian wind, mass consumption is the mainstream, but also ground gas".

through multiple visits, the reporter found that the price of moon cake in a superb collection of beautiful things, with dozens of yuan to one hundred or two hundred yuan per box are three hundred or four hundred yuan, even the high-end, ten yuan for small package parity moon cake is very eye-catching. In previous years, hundreds of gorgeous luxury moon cake packaging 1800 less, more to go from the people first line.

tricks, welcome the moon cake sales peakCompared with

in previous years, this year’s moon cake not only in appearance more beautiful, taste is also quite creative. According to Haining green food (Group) Limited company deputy general manager Liu Yonglin introduced, along with people’s life continuously enrich and choose the diversification of the company this year, in addition to the production of brown sugar, red bean paste, Lian Rong, crystal cake etc. the traditional taste of moon cake, also launched a new purple potato sawuteed nutrition letinous edodes, yam and other new flavors of choice for consumers.

"is not only the taste, there are also some other new changes, choose a larger space, this is good." Huarun is shopping in Xining, said ms.. The reporter saw at the supermarket, this year’s moon cake market, in addition to the traditional red bean paste, jujube paste, mooncakes with egg yolk, the counter also appeared a lot of "offbeat" moon cake flavors such as chocolate, beef flavor, longan flavor, fruit flavor, vegetable flavor, taste more fashion, more popular with young people.In a