Datong County 3 new modern agricultural demonstration base

this year, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County to continue in accordance with provincial and municipal facilities to the park of agricultural industrialization and large-scale and standardized development of the overall layout, plans to invest 60 million yuan to build 3 modern agricultural demonstration base.

in recent years, Datong County focus on the construction of the whole city and the province’s modern agricultural demonstration base "and" security of supply, to provide leisure "development target, vigorously develop modern agriculture, has a new Hua Hao, flowers gardening, Sheng day 15 modern agricultural demonstration park, completed a total of 25 thousand high standard production in greenhouse building. August 2010 was named the Ministry of agriculture, national modern agricultural demonstration zone, the 2012 Ministry of agriculture and refine the formation of the chase model in the country to promote.

Datong Xingping modern agricultural base,

new agricultural science and technology base, Datong Datong Hualin Qingfeng modern agriculture base will transfer 1800 acres of land, plans to build in winter in solar greenhouse 1000, involving the county Xinzhuang, 2 towns and 3 villages in tulsa. Since April, has completed an investment of 8 million yuan, the completion of the construction of greenhouse wall 800, plans to be put into production in mid October, the year to build the year to benefit. After the completion of the project, the annual production of 12 thousand tons of vegetables, the county’s total vegetable production will reach 115 thousand tons, the annual output value of $539 million, accounting for the Xining market supply rate of 30%. (author: Su Jianping Ma Haifeng)