Caring for the health of female workers and promoting the harmonious development of society

in order to further improve the female worker health system’s physical quality, promote the popularization and dissemination of women’s health knowledge, enhance the health system of female workers self health care consciousness, promote the physical and mental health of female workers, to create a healthy and knowledge type, elegant female staff, the afternoon of July 27th, the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions, the female employees committee Xining City Health Bureau women workers Committee jointly organized the "lecture" health knowledge of health care of female workers in Xining City, Beijing City, specially invited well-known gynecological expert Professor Li Qiuhua female workers to carry out health preventive health knowledge lecture for the health sector of female workers.
in the lecture of Professor Li according to the physiological characteristics of women, take an interactive way, with humorous language, rich physical movements to the majority of female workers from the female physiological structure, the most common female gynecologic diseases, and the formation and prevention of gynecological diseases census, menopause symptoms and should pay attention to the self health care and other aspects of the image, to explain the women’s breast, uterus and other reproductive system health care knowledge, and how to prevent cancer (two cervical cancer and breast cancer), the occurrence of the disease should be how to treat in the effective time, vivid analysis the necessity of screening for gynecological diseases and reduce cancer incidence, keep the female beauty, the significance of constructing a harmonious family and harmonious society. In the lecture, the combination of theory and practice, simple, vivid and interesting, knowledge and entertainment, for the majority of female workers sent a healthy meal, and through the case analysis and on-site consultation etc., for the majority of female workers in a vivid health education classes, the health sector of female workers benefit, warmly welcomed by the female workers.