Xining East Gate small gap breeze up

After more than two months of repair and re lighting, the eve of the national day, located in the east gate of Xining lake on the edge of the small gap breeze antique building beautiful, bright up! The evening of September 30th, the reporter entered Xining from Lanxi highway, in front of the moon in the charming scenery: a crescent, warm yellow lights outline the Xiaoxia Qingfeng building body and Nanshan on a small gorge Qingfeng Pavilion Vicenza, full of flavor. Located in the lake on the small breeze Ning Xia antique buildings, is one of the landmark buildings in Xining Haidong City, the antique building was built in 2005, after more than 9 years exposed to the weather and rain, buildings gradually aging, vertical walls have faded, peeling off. At the same time, in the vicinity of the building around the landscape lights are also due to the use of aging for many years, many landscape lights have been damaged not bright, thus affecting the landscape effect of the night. This year in accordance with the requirements of the municipal government, Municipal Water Authority launched Ning Lake Wetland flood control and repair project, to your South Bridge and Lanxi high-speed small Xiakou section of overpass about 1.9 km long river flood control, has been basically completed the green belt construction, sidewalks, street lights erected brick laying works, the entire project plan completed by the end of October. At the same time, Ning Lake Wetland flood control and sluice overhaul project project – the east gate of the landscape renovation and lighting engineering also started construction, implementation units focus on the small gap breeze antique building landscape renovation and re lighting, without changing the structure of the building under the new foreign vertical wall design, enhance the quality, make the small Qingfeng gorge has a charming antique architectural style.