Xining bred a culture of quality Hehuang memory

by the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department and the Municipal Federation jointly produced a series of cultural works "Hehuang memory", after the relevant personnel of 3 years of hard work, officially published in December 3rd, through images, pictures and text makes a comprehensive summary of the development and changes in the history of Xining.

recently held a party of eighteen and the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, hold high the great banner of socialism Chinese, to deepen the reform of comprehensive arrangements, is a total deployment of comprehensive deepening reform, mobilization.

"Hehuang memory" is, in such a background masterpieces, this culture collection of works consists of 12 episodes of the television series "Hehuang" memory "and" Hehuang folk culture and "xiadou Lansheng getaway" book two. With Xining as the center of the Huangshui River Valley, has a long history and culture, richly endowed by nature natural resources, bright and colorful folk customs. This set of cultural works from a number of different perspectives, through images, pictures and text of Xining in the history of the development of a comprehensive summary and summary. From the flames and smoke of Qing Tang JianZheng, trade prosperous silk road; from the great changes of modern history, to the development and changes after the reform and opening up; from the Huangshui River Valley has a long history of the splendid culture, to the summer capital of Xining as a modern city style, showing the Hehuang area historical culture and cultural style of the surge high and sweep forward picture.